Announcement: Lotus Leaf is now Aromagregory Soap and Tea Co.

Lotus Leaf is now aromagregory soap & tea co. Our loose leaf teas, tea blends, herbal blends and herbs are all sold in 25 teaspoon quantities. Keep in mind that teas can be brewed more than once. So, save that teabag and get a second cup out of each steeping. You double steepers can get 50 cups of tea out of each bag we send you. Each, 25 teaspoon bag is $7.95.

Inside our Nashville TN store you will find tea brewing accessories such as tea bags, tea spoons, strainers and steepers. Teas also sold by the cup. Specialty iced teas in summer, hot tea by the cup all year round.

Visit our updated web page HERE. We offer loose teas and herbs, serve tea by the cup and have tea steeping supplies.  The market also carries a wide range of pantry supplies for healthy cooking such as: gluten-free products, textured vegetable protein, quinoa, soy flour, rice flours, liquid amino, nuts, seeds and so much more…..

It is essential to learn how to take care of ourselves internally and externally, and so very important that we take charge of our health and well being by making positive choices on what we bring into our lives and into our bodies (or onto our plate!).  So, in addition to offering a variety of natural foods, gluten-free and organic products, we will be offering a monthly schedule of cooking classes from vegetarian & vegan to gluten-free menus, as well as slow foods and ethnic cuisine.    We will also discuss additives and preservatives to avoid, creating an alkaline diet and explore such workshop topics as “making your own cleaning products” to growing and using herbs. Consider Lotus Leaf Healthy Market as your local resource for some of these natural health alternatives.

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