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Hemp Hearts

hemp heartsLotus Leaf Healthy Market is now carrying Hemp Hearts. Two sizes available.

From a customer review of hemp hearts: “Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Seed is a delicious topping for pastas, salads, and desserts. It’s full of Omega 3s and proteins. They’re easier to handle than sunflower seeds or pistachios that require some work to enjoy. These hemp seeds blend in well with recipes.”

Hemp Hearts

Change the way you live, one sprinkle at a time!

These tiny Hemp Hearts™ pack a powerful punch of protein, omegas and fiber. Not only are Hemp Hearts easy to incorporate into any meal, they taste delicious too! Did you know Dr. Oz even refers to Hemp Hearts as ‘Brain Food’?

Our hemp hearts are a raw, vegan-friendly, whole food that contains no additives or preservatives! Manitoba Harvest only sources seed that has not been genetically modified.

Are you eating clean? Only cooking with minimal ingredients? Or looking for a way to add EFAs, protein & omega-3 & omega-6 into your diet? Then try a bag today, you won’t be disappointed!

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