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RAW FOODS with Janan Yousif:     L A  S  A  G  N A    

We have a GREAT Class this month for those interested in healthy eating!  We welcome Community Chef & Raw Foods Artist, Janan Yousif.  Janan has been a Raw Foodist for 4 years, a vegan for 8 years and a vegetarian prior to that.  She is actively studying health and nutrition and is experienced in many types of raw food and health food preparation.  Janan conducts these “Raw Food Events” to expose people to how natural, healthy, nutritious, delicious and easy raw foods can be!

Turn down the oven and turn up the healthy benefits of your food!  Raw, natural foods are not only colorful and delicious, but advocates claim that it clears the head, the skin and boosts energy.  Studies have shown that cooking food above a certain temperature diminishes nutrients and kills enzymes that can actually aid in digestion.  But, for anyone, eating more raw fruits and vegetables is a GOOD THING!!!  SO, TAKE A WALK ON THE RAW SIDE…HERE’S JUST A SAMPLING, ARRIVE HUNGRY…WE WILL EAT!

Mc Raw Breakfast Sandwich

 Salad with Peach Salsa

Fermented Almond cheese made with Rejuvelac

Lasagna with Cashew Cheese

Decadent Chocolate Cheesecake


We will also sample Kombucha, Golden Milk, Janan’s Famous “Soaked Nuts” and more!!!!!

Date: Saturday, Sept 27, 2014

Time: 2 – 4 pm

$25 plus $10 food fee reservations required, call 615-884-9021 (prepayment required with reservation, space limited to 10 people)

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